I offer 1-2-1 sessions, as well as Group and Business packages.

Please feel free to get in contact to discuss your needs and book an free 45 minute initial discovery session to see if my services are right for you and how we can work together.


time and space to work on yourself

As you may know, there is no single tried and tested method to counselling. The help you need depends on factors like your experience to date, what is playing out in your life right now, and your unique make-up of your personality. While sessions will be bespoke to you, I call on recognised disciplines like CBT to guide you through tough moments. 

Together we will build coping skills, resilience and calm.


a safe space to explore your thoughts, feelings and concerns

Our life experiences, as well as our genetics, are what shapes us.

Therapy is an essential way of addressing these moments of our lives and where needed, repairing too. It cannot be underplayed how important therapy can be in both allowing you to look back more comfortably, but also start to look forward with confidence and resilience. 

Your experiences are unique to you, and I am here to listen, to never underplay, and to help you build.


time and space to work on yourself

Clients come to me for life coaching at a time I recognise well. I, like you, have reached moments of stalemate in my personal and professional life. It’s natural, but the key is learning how to make decisions that inform the next step.

In our life coaching sessions we will be future-facing, we will be critical and we will be absolutely solution-focused. I will guide you towards identifying the paths available to you, but the knowledge and the decisions will be yours, ensuring that you are making decisions that feel authentic to you.