BA in Law, LLB, CSK-L2, MSc Psyc, Counselling Diploma Level 4

Although not singularly defined by any one moment, it is natural to see how my own life experience has impressed upon my role as a counsellor. Bereavement at the death of my parents; experiencing more loss through miscarriage; the rites of passage that many women face – marriage, motherhood, divorce – and changes in both country and culture have all left their imprint.

Of course the job of any counsellor is to empathise, but insight is something different.

A faithful student to knowledge, I have studied my way through life, committing to law before I had been given the opportunity to ask myself what it was that I was actually passionate about. I moved into the corporate world, as a business analyst. Still, passion for the subject evaded me, but the skills of critical thinking and objective strategising have served me well. 

2020 came. A state of flux for everyone. The opportunity to stop though, to think for a second, to reflect, afforded me the chance to change path. Finally, I was allowed to consider a life-long passion as a potential career; psychology had forever demanded my attention, but wasn’t given the spotlight until the pandemic started. I returned to the books and undertook a Masters degree in Psychology.

It clicked. I am on the path I was meant to be. I studied more, supplementing my degree with CBT training, life coaching certification and more – hungry to understand every detail.

For now, the learning has paused. My focus is you.